Discover how to become recognised as THE go-to expert in your market and get so many leads you can pick and choose the customers YOU WANT TO WORK WITH

Word of Mouth... AMPLIFIED
Is there any business better than a word of mouth referral? 

Doesn't it save time and effort when potential customers already understand WHY they want to work with YOU?

Word of mouth also ensures you attract the right type of customer...

Social Media is an AMPLIFIER for word of mouth, but how do you TURN UP THE VOLUME?

The 3 MAJOR Marketing Challenges in 2018
Crowded Market
How do you STAND OUT in an increasingly crowded marketplace?
Changing Demands
How to STAY RELEVANT in a 24 x 7 technology driven world

Rising Costs
How to REACH MORE people without spending more money

Right NOW there is a unique opportunity for small and medium business owners to leverage their EXISTING knowledge and experience to become THE go-to expert in the market 
 Content Creation
Making yourself stand out by using the knowledge YOU ALREADY HAVE to create powerful and engaging content that demonstrates your expertise and positions you go-to AUTHORITY in your market
Trusted Advisor
Did you know the average person spends 6 hours a day online? The internet is now the first place people search for EXPERTS LIKE YOU to answer their problems. Right NOW there is a window of opportunity to establish yourself as THE TRUSTED ADVISOR
Social Reach
To avoid rises in advertising costs (and the reduced success) you need to build a community of EXTENSIVE contacts online who SHARE your content far and wide, using social media to reach literally MILLIONS of people with questions you know the answer to.
RIGHT NOW you have a chance to claim your space as THE go-to expert in your market to BEAT THE COMPETITION, to stand out from the crowd. This is your opportunity to BE THE ONE making a difference... (BUT the clock is ticking)
#1 Blogger, Award Winning Content Creator and International Speaker
About Your Host, Neil Martin
Neil Martin is a multi-award winning, in-demand professional speaker and content creator who can regularly be found sharing his story and strategies to help inspire others at seminars and events throughout the UK and internationally.

Neil has over 20 years international business experience and a vast wealth of knowledge about information technology, sales and marketing that has enabled him to launch multiple startups, including an online business that received over 1 million visits in the first 18 months. 

Neil is regularly featured by various media, including the Huffington Post, BBC and Thrive Magazine.

Having achieved a miraculous transformation from obese, sick, couch potato to ultra-endurance athlete, Neil Martin (a.k.a. Natural Juice Junkie) is also recognised as a leading authority on personal transformation and is regularly asked to share the stage with celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc. 
Did you know that 85% of Facebook fans recommend the brands they follow to others?
What if you had a community of thousands of people following you on social media?

How much louder would your WORD OF MOUTH be with them re-posting and re-tweeting YOUR videos, blogs? How many referrals could you get when they share and like what you say and do? 

Just imagine if YOU also had the newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations calling to ask for your comments when something relating to your topic hit the headlines, because they had found you talking about that subject online. 
Building your AUTHORITY in your market place is the BEST way to drive LEADS to YOU and it's surprisingly EASY...
...and what's really interesting about this style of marketing too, is that it is ZERO cost marketing so you can save THOUSANDS of pounds too.
The Beauty About This?  You already KNOW your content. 

You just need a system to package YOUR knowledge and get it out there.
"Generated £8000 worth of business from strategies learned in the room within weeks"
“My company instructed a lovely house in a prime location… the instruction came purely off the back of a social media marketing campaign learned at Expert Elevator.

I can honestly say that Sally and Neil are the most dynamic duo, and their content and delivery surpasses all the reviews I read and recommendations I heard.”
Mat Weiland
Pillars Estate Agents
"I attended a day course and was blown away by the content"
“Not only did it make sense but it was really thought provoking - making me stand back, look at myself and what I do, and how to use different angles.

I have taken away so much and the way the information has been delivered by Neil was awesome - relaxed, interesting, useful and with some humour. This is the real deal so get involved if you want to take you and your business to the next level.”
Simon Faulkner-Barret
Juice Therapist
"The workshop of all workshops... It's full on... intense and its fun packed activities will leave your brain in overdrive."
"This is a must for anyone who wants to take it to the next level. This Expert Elevator will mould you into something special. You really will have no boundaries or limits once you are open to a whole new world of thinking"

Mansoor Zaman
Sales & Lettings Agent
Marcus Anfield - Woodfield Lettings & Property Management
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Would this make a difference to you? It certainly did to Ashley...
"An Incredible day providing so much insight..."

An incredible day providing so much insight into what one needs to do to become an authority in their industry. I work in property but there were people in my group from a wide range of trades emphasising that the content really can be applied across the board for successful results. 

What I found most helpful is the tools I was able to pick up to help me build my profile in the area in which I work and the best ways of marketing myself having to spend the grand sum of £0.00 on marketing. 

By the end of the course I found that my presentation skills had improved significantly and I now have a firm grounding on which to build and further my development. 

I will most certainly take all that I have learned... and apply it in my field of expertise to become the authority in my industry. 

I cannot wait!  
Ashley Mehr - Letting Agent
Who is this NOT For? 
  •   This is NOT for STAFF- this is for business leaders, coaches and Speakers in any field of work 
  •   This is NOT for those people that love to spend loads of money on advertising 
  •   This is NOT for you, if you don’t want to GROW your business, because you will simply NOT put the effort in to learn these skills 
  •   This is NOT for those that just want to learn about social media- social media on its OWN without the other stuff DOES NOT WORK 
  •   This is NOT for you if you are TRADITIONAL stuck in your ways and not prepared to change  
Who is it for?!
  • This is for Business owners looking to GROW their business
  • This is for you if you are concerned at the diminishing results from traditional paid   advertising
  • This is for Motivated, determined and open minded individuals 
  • This is for Early Adopters, those looking for NEW trends and ready to embrace them      
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"Empowers YOU to share your knowledge" 
"Attended a one-day course and was so fired up by midnight I had set up a new Facebook page, done a live video and began to collect data needed. 

This course makes complete sense... Incredible!"

Lea Bevan
Shropshire Loves
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